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na ortho way

The NA Ortho Philosophy

is to give you your best smile.

In the shortest amount of time.  

With the most comfort and least amount of hardware.  

In a clean and comfortable office.  

With minimal wait times.

At affordable prices with great payment plans.  

All with a gentle touch and a friendly smile.

Time and time again.

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Why I love being an Orthodontist.

There are so many reasons.


I have been practicing Orthodontics for more than 15 years and I still enjoy every day of it.  The staff at NA Ortho really is the best.  Besides being super-friendly and fun to work with, they are really on point and keep our practice running smoothly.  Our patients are awesome.  We welcome families back into the treatment area and I enjoy getting to know our patients and their families during treatment visits.  I am a perfectionist and often pay too much attention to little details, so straightening teeth is just perfect for me.  It let's me be a perfectionist while creating fabulous smiles.  It's very gratifying for both myself and our patients to see smiles transform.  l love keeping up on the latest advances and techniques in orthodontics.  I aim to keep treatment quick and comfortable.  I had braces and Invisalign myself.  My two children recently had braces.  We have treated thousands of patients at NA Orthodontics.  We have pretty much seen it all, so we get it.  I am passionate about all things orthodontics and on behalf of the entire Team at NA Orthodontics, we aim to provide a top notch orthodontic experience for you and your family.



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