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Diamond Invisalign Provider

There are so many people who avoid orthodontic treatment because they cannot stand the thought of wearing braces and they believe that “they are not a candidate for Invisalign”.  For many of these individuals, the Invisalign treatment system is ideal for them.


 Invisalign treatment has improved significantly in recent years. At NA Ortho, we successfully treat complicated cases with Invisalign every day. We are an Invisalign Platinum+ Provider, meaning we are more experienced with Invisalign than most providers.

Invisalign treatment consists of a series of virtually invisible, clear aligners worn 22 hours a day.  The clear aligners are switched every week over the course of treatment, gradually straightening your teeth with each aligner.  

Appointments are usually every 8-10 weeks and Invisalign treatment generally lasts 6-24 months. Aligners are removed to eat, drink and brush your teeth.

Drs. Greenberg and Rana utilize iTero 3D digital scanning technology with Invisalign treatment.  Impressions are no longer needed, so no there is goop and no gagging!


with 3d tero

digital scanning

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